Sustainable Solutions

Sustainable Solutions

More than ever, partners like Pilar Plastics make significant contributions towards responsible, sustainable solutions to benefit the environment. Plastic materials have replaced many mediums such as glass and metal, and reduced the harmful environmental impacts in the world today.

Plastic products deliver solutions to industries across the board. But, we also realize that those solutions extend beyond the finished and semi-finished parts we produce. We have a collective responsibility as good stewards to create long-lasting benefits for the environment.

That’s why we at Pilar Plastics have created a recycling program with our acrylic and polycarbonate scrap materials. We send truckloads of these materials to be recycled into new, sustainable materials every year.

Our conservation policies and eco-friendly materials help us to commit to lower costs for our customers, while offering sustainable solutions for the environment. We’re committed to minimizing any adverse environmental impacts derived from the operations of our business.

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